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STOCK NUMBER #RO7361——First of all, this is a very highly sought after movement since it was made in the early 1950’s and it fits the early Explorer and Submariner models. I have had offers for only the movement but I bought this Rolex complete and will sell it complete.

I kid you not! this movement alone is worth 1000.00 and up. You will find here a genuine no games played Rolex automatic wrist watch with a nice stainless steel case(95%) and worn band(75%). The case is indeed marked between the lugs at the “6” position 950034. And at the 12 position between the lugs it is written ,”registered design 5504″. Inside the back of the case it is signed Montres Rolex Geneva S.A. 5504. Produced in 1953 this is one beauty that is not too loud, just a nice way of saying to your co-workers or friends “I have made the grade” without showing off!. This Rolex case is 43mm long and 38mm wide with the crown.

The height of this watch is 12mm and the crystal is acrylic and near perfect. The dial is in excellent condition as the larger scan will show you. Black dial watches are hard to photograph so please if these are not good enough I will take more with pleasure for the asking:-). The movement as I stated before is a rare a 1530 calliper movement with 26 Rubies. The serial number on the movement is 87523. The scan that you see of this movement really doesn’t do justice to how clean it really is.

I took out all the cap jewels and the train and with Pith wood cleaned EACH and every cog and wheel, only then did I put this movement (fully taken apart) into the cleaning baths. No short cuts are taken here at Darlor. You will find this Rolex movement to be spotless and well oiled with Mobious oil and resealed water tight. PLEASE pay attention to this .., the band is NOT perfect. It is stretched a bit and a few marks as well. Indeed it is worn but will last many many many years for sure.

There are 12 links and 2 end pieces. On the end pieces it is written “53”. On the link next to the end piece it is written 7206. This is a REAL bracelet NOT Italian or fake.

Here at Darlor watch we NEVER sell fakes, repros or marry Rolex cases with movements. This is the REAL deal. I have listed this Rolex at a fair market price considering the rarity of this movement. on a closing note the hands are the original hands to this watch and the screw down crown is excellent and signed as well ;-).

Please note once again, this is a rare calliper Rolex movement and the crown is white gold, just a bad scan by me.…



STOCK NUMBER # OY2727——Here you have one of many many more Canadian Rolex’s BOY’S SIZE wrist watches I will be putting up in the next few weeks or so. I have for sale an ALL ORIGINAL red gold filled Rolex Centregraph and not everyday does one come across a case like this!.

As the scan will not show you, ALL Rolex 59 calipers like this one are signed under the dial on the movement “Rolex Geneve” and this one is indeed signed!. The case is stunning with a tad of wear but nothing earth shattering. The colour is tremendous as the larger scan will show you. The case is 35mm long (Boy’s size) and with the original Rolex Oyster screw in crown this case is 34mm wide. The case Ref. number is 3478 and the serial number is 447,635 from the year 1940!.

The dial is awesome and totally original never touched at all. The hands are original to this watch but I repainted them due to the glowing material was rough and dirty. The movement has been freshly serviced and indeed it is a Rolex signed #59 caliper with 17 Rubies. This Rolex again is in an Oyster screw in case and in all over excellent condition considering it is over 60 years old and runs like day one.. .

As ALL my clients past and present know , here at Darlor watch we NEVER sell fake, repros or altered wrist watches. Rest assured you will find ONLY true 100% original wrist watches and no fakes.

All the Rolex on my pages are serviced and ALL are genuine to the “T”. You now have it in hard copy from myself:-) and I stand 110% behind every item.
950.00 ON HOLD (March-26)…



STOCK NUMBER # TU8994——Take the name Tudor and replace it with Rolex ands 1200.00 turns into 15,000 USD in a hurry. It’s amazing but true and this Tudor is cased in a Rolex case with the genuine Rolex crown as well. Here is a super clean and next to never worn Tudor Rolex. The case is two toned and the bezel is 14 karat solid gold. The crystal as you can see is a Rolex crystal and it is a Cyclops.

The hands and dial are both original and this dial is M>I>N>T!. The day and date are changing at exactly 12 pm. This is a quick set so when the crown is out , turn it away from you and the day and date will change with ease. This case is almost 45mm long and 38mm wide with the Rolex screw down crown. The height with the crystal is 10mm. The serial number for this case is 9450 and on the outside of the back of this case it reads “original Oyster case by Rolex Geneva”.

The movement has been serviced and it is minty as the scan will show you. I just serviced this gem ,March-01-2004. There are 25 Rubies to this automatic Tudor Rolex movement and the the caliper for this movement is 2834-2. This strap is a stainless steel buckle deployment leather band and it is 20mm wide never worn.

This is the real thing !. I DO NOT sell fakes, repros of any sort or kind. This is a genuine Rolex Tudor in perfect working order and with a brilliant finished case. As I said before only the name Rolex versus Tudor will save you over 14.000,00 !! and not only are you saving this amount but you are also buying a HIGH grade Tudor Rolex!.…



STOCK NUMBER # TU7337——This is an early Rolex Tudor in an Rolex Oyster case and a Rolex crown. The case is gold filled and it is a 3 piece. From end to end it is 43mm long and with the crown it is 37mm wide. the hands and crystal are both original to this Rolex Tudor.

The case Reference number is 223744/7944. Circa for the Swiss made wrist watch is 1955. the caliper for this movement is 390 and it is with 17 Rubies and fully serviced and super clean. The inside of the case reads ” Montres Tudor S.A. Geneva Switzerland”.

The case is a tad worn on the back but nothing much more than that. The dial is in it’s original condition and it has the early Tudor Rose. The pattern on the dial is a brilliant checkered pattern and adds “spice” to this Prince automatic. The band is new leather and never worn. This band is 20mm in width.

All in all for the money , this is a winner!. On a closing note I should add the case back is stainless steel and it is an Oyster screw in !…

Rolex Scarce GMT black bezel hacking model chronometer with box


STOCK NUMBER #RO6464——First of all GMT means Greenwich Mean Time. Many people wonder about this and now you know!. The bezel is a bit loose and does not click but I tell you it is mint not a scratch and the price reflects this. The case, dial and movement are spectacular! This Rolex has been cleaned to perfection and keeps tie like a Rolex should. The case is made of stainless steel and it is 48mm loooong and 44nmm wide with the signed Rolex original screw in crown.

The case reference number is 1675 and in between the lugs at the Six position it reads ” Stainless steel, 5552394″. In between the lugs at the Twelve position it reads ” Registered Design, 1675″. The crystal is a genuine Rolex acrylic crystal and NOT a cheap plastic imitation from the G.S crystal system. The height of this watch not including the Cyclops window is 13mm.

The inside of the back of the case reads as the scan will show you “Montres Rolex S.A. , Geneva Switzerland etc etc, 1675”. This movement is a hacking movement and it is a Rolex caliper 1570 with 26 Ruby jewels. This is a chronometer wrist watch fully automatic. It has been timed at the Rolex factory to 5 positions and temperature. The movement number on the main plate just above the balance cock is “D778549”. The band is a GMT flip lock band in 80% condition with some stretching to it but all normal wear. The two end pieces are signed “380 and the 11 links and two end pieces. You will also notice a red hand with a bright white arrow at the end of it.

This is a 24 hour hand that revolves around the dial once in 24 hours!. Remember this is a 100% original Rolex in beautiful condition from the year 1978/9. Keep in mind Rolex make sit impossible to be exact unless you buy a Rolex brand new from a dealer. I have always said and I will say it again , here at Darlor watch we DO NOT SELL fakes, repros of any sort or type. All are genuine Rolex and NOT made anywhere else except at the Rolex factory!. This is our 100% guarantee to you that you will indeed purchase a genuine authentic Rolex from Darlor.

There will be no discounts had on this model and no exceptions or trades please.…

Mickey Mouse Watch

c2491Attention vintage timepiece, “AND” Character watch collectors! Wake up! This one is for you !!

Distributed by the
Watch Company

Worlds 1st Edition, and Original 1933 Mickey Mouse Watch!!

USA made, Factory Signed & Hallmarked, Full Mechanical Wind-Up Movement

All American Made 100% All Original

Mickey Mouse Ingersoll Copyrighted on dial
Original “Pie-Eyed” Mickey, 3 rotating Mickey’s “running” on the seconds register.

Round Case with In-swept Lugs. All high polished satin finish top, sides and lugs, Chrome bezel, and satin sand marked case back. Case measures 32.25mm in diameter not counting the stem & crown by 38.60mm lug to lug.

Innersoll and U S Time factory signed & Hallmarked. Walt Disney Productions Copyrighted on dial. Full color Mickey on dial with fully animated arms/hands. There is a dot on the dial in the shape of a perfect circle at the 8:00 position. We have used a high resolution, high contrast Macro-Zoom lens with 1800% to 2200% magnification on the last two pictures to prove that even under intense scrutiny, this 100% all original dial is still in great shape!!

Tonneau, or barrel shape original case with hogh polished smooth beveled bezel, sides, and lugs. The case back is done in Two Tone satin & high polished finish. The case measures 27.75mm in width not counting the stem & crown by 38.75mm lug to lug

Original crystal and Original red patent leather strap !!!

Original chrome engraved link style
bracelet with pierced
3-D Mickey Mouse bracelet end pieces that still have the black enamel trim!!

This Extremely collectible vintage watch is in excellent overall cosmetic and mechanical condition…

Don’t miss out those watches!

mens-luxury-WatchesRolex– Steel cushion ‘Army’ model. Ref.#3139. Circa 1942. Nicely refinished two tone charcoal and silver dial in the traditional Rolex Roman-Arabic mixed style. Original luminous Mercedes hands. Rolex signed 17 jewel Caliber 710 manual wind movement. Case measures 38mm X 30mm. Back has inscribed name of original owner. This case has never been polished and retains its sharp original bevels and edges -rare for a model of this age. One of Rolex’s most interesting looking wartime models.
Click for another view.

Patek Philippe & Co – 18kt. solid gold long rectangular wristwatch. Circa 1939. Movement #832301 & case #616882. Eggshell finish restored dial, with raised gold Roman numerals. Patek Philippe caliber 9′ 90 rectangular movement. Case has name engraved on back, but is otherwise in good condition. Original crown. Watch measures 42mm X 22mm. Patek Philippe remains the premier watch company to come out of Switzerland.

luxury-watch_625x300_41413780500LeCoultre – Gold filled ‘Powerwind’ reserve indicator bumper automatic model. Circa 1948. Nice original dial with luminous numerals. Dial has some aging on outer track, but not detracting. Uses LeCoultre caliber 481 bumper automatic movement. Articulated lug case is in good condition with some minor mini dents, but no wear to gold fill. Watch measures 43mm X 34mm in diameter.

Waltham – 14kt. solid gold unusual shaped tank watch. Circa 1945. Nicely restored satin brushed dial with raised gold Arabic numerals. Waltham 19 jewel movement. Very rare hooded case with raised side bars and curled end hidden lugs. Watch measures 37mm X 23mm. Something pleasantly unexpected from a venerable American watch manufacturer.

Longines – 14kt. solid gold ladies cocktail watch. Circa 1920. Nicely restored gold dial with black Arabic numerals and blued steel hands. Longines signed 15 jewel movement. Case is fairly good condition with only some minor mini dents on bezel, not detracting. Watch measures 25mm in diameter.

Watches-ElevenJames-BoxTavannes/Cyma – Silver WWI trench watch with detachable shrapnel guard. Circa 1910. Original porcelain dial with luminous Arabic numerals and cathedral hands. Dial has one small hairline crack, not detracting. Swiss Cyma 6 jewel movement. Case measures 34mm in diameter. One of the earliest of wristwatches.

Cyma Tavannes – Silver WWI officers watch. Circa 1915. Nice porcelain dial with luminous Arabic numerals and cathedral hands. Dial has a hairline crack running through 11 o’clock, but not noticeable from arms length. Swiss 7 jewel movement. Nice substantial case with heavy lugs measuring 33.5mm in diameter.

Regina Digital – New old stock, unused. Large gold plated screw back direct read watch. Circa 1965. Nice gold tone Tigers eye dial. Swiss 17 jewel manual wind movement. Heavy 41mm X 37mm case. Great funk from the 60s. 3 pieces available.

Wittnauer – Gold filled hourglass shaped watch. Circa 1948. Nicely restored satin dial with raised gold bar markers. Swiss 17 jewel movement. Case is in very good condition and measures 36mm X 27mm. Hourglass models are
Click for additional view.

Rolex – 9kt. solid pink gold octagonal dress watch. Circa 1925. Nicely restored gold dial with luninous style Arabic numerals and cathedral hands. Rolex signed 15 jewel subsidiary second moveemnt. Case signed RWC Ltd. for Rolex and is in good condition with only small dent on back and tasteful flourish style monogram. Watch measures 29mm X 29mm without wire lugs or crown.

Gruen – 14kt. solid pink gold hooded lug model. Circa 1940. Nicely restored satin dial with raised gold Arabic numerals. Swiss 17 jewel movement. Highly unusual Gruen signed case with raised gold cross tubes on top and bottom. Case has some scratches and mini dents as seen, but does not detract. Watch measures 33mm X 23mm. A rare Gruen model.…

Why to wear fashionable watch?

Watches are very popular nowadays, but it was only after World War II that this happened. Soldiers were issued by their armies a small wristwatch as a way of coordinating missions and keeping them organized. After the war, the men continued to wear the watch on their wrist, rather than in their pocket. Because of this, wristwatches were born. After its invention, the proliferation of materials and technology allowed designers to create something that was both fashionable and elegant. This trend has continued today, and advancements in wristwatches continue.


With advancements in technology, wristwatches that can track multiple time zones have become available. You can find a great range of guides and reviews of the different styles and manufacturers of men’s watches online.

Men’s watches can be both functional and fashionable. Some say watches are the only fashion accessory that a man would ever need. Owning a small collection of watches allows you to match one to your clothes, lifestyle and personality. For instance, you can buy water-resistant models – even 66 metres below the surface, the watch would remain tight. You can also use this in different activities like shower, swimming and even diving. Although they offer significant protection against the elements, remember watches should be taken care of at all times. It is a good idea to buy a watch that suits for your lifestyle; but just as important is the design.


Many affordable watches that feature interesting and elegant designs are widely available. These days, you can easily shop for watches online, often with large discounts over regular retailers. It is best to be resourceful when it comes to finding promos that can give the best deal.…

Watch case restoration

During the standard service steel cases and bracelets are ultrasonically cleaned, gold cases and bracelets are polished. Restoration of steel cases to remove deep scratches, polishing and graining can be carried out upon request as an additional service (in the case of Rolex this is included in the normal service). Restoration of gold cases can include, repair or remanufacture of bezels, case backs, lugs, hinges and repairing of holes again as an additional service.

Complete wristwatch restoration

dial_repairRestoration of vintage wristwatches to original condition. Including dial restoration, locating and fitting of obsolete parts, manufacturing balance staff and stems, fitting shaped glasses and manufacture and supply of leather straps.


20003All non-obsolete movements are given a one year service guarantee. Watches with obsolete movements are guaranteed for six months only. This is because we often have to use parts from movements we have bought in, and which may themselves be quite old.

All watches are tested for at least 72 hours prior to shipment. Most repairs are completed in two to four weeks after arrival. All watches are shipped via insured Royal Mail.

Please note, all prices include insured registered mail to anywhere in the UK. If you wish for us to repair or service your watch, please fill out our Shipping Form

Service and Repair for all Watch Makers.

06a372671af42ab240a9a979bbadcdc0We at the can now offer you The Swiss Watch Service Centre (SWSC), which will provide a full wrist watch service and repair facility. The Swiss Watch Service Centre is an established trade watch repair/restoration business situated in the heart of London’s West End. Through the Internet we can offer a full wristwatch service and repair facility direct to the public. With 26 years experience, we provide a service on premium brands, such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling and Cartier. Many of our clients are dealers in the UK watch market.

As our repairer is Rolex trained (modern) and credited by Rolex to repair vintage watches, it also means we can supply Rolex parts as needed. All Rolex Oyster repairs have new gaskets fitted throughout and are pressure tested. New glasses are always fitted to all watches with plastic crystals and sapphire ones are replaced when needed.